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New Haircut & Material for The Ramone

Since I am recording a completely new set of background videos for The Ramone, I figured I needed a haircut


Thanks to Alan and Meatpie, I have a fully functioning multi-track recording setup
They helped me with both routing issues and applying compression to each drum track
I have bought a new Pre-Sonus 1818 interface that I will hook up to my laptop
This is going to allow me to record a large bulk of green screen videos at my own pace

I was able to do that before but I was limited by having to mix the drum mics onto a mono track
The bass and background vocals had to go on the other channel and you had to use EQ to get them to separate in the mix
I was using the Roland/Edirol P-10 Visual Sampler as both video and audio but it only had a stereo output
There are 8 outputs on the Presonus and I can send the tracks in a more broken down configuration so that the board can mix on their own terms, according to their own situation
Not only will I be able to record drums multi-track but I will be able to manufacture tracks that are mixes of each part of the drum set
The single tracks will be the Bass Drum, Snare and Hi Hat
The Toms will be grouped together on one track as well the overhead condensers catching the Ride/Crash Ride/Crash Cymbals


I have been really busting my ass learning this material and being the drummer for Sedated has certainly given me a lot of repetition
There are a good 2 hours of songs that both Sedated and The Ramone cover and I have a ton of confidence in my ability to play any song in the Ramones library
I have a primary and secondary list of songs that I will record
The first set will be the most recognizable aforementioned “Hits” and the second list will be the songs I want to play that I believe will get requests
These sessions will serve a dual purpose because I will also be using these videos to build a large amount of songs for live Ramones Karaoke in the future as well as the regular “Rock Venue” show

The thing I have not been working on much is my lighting rig
I pieced it together out of clip lights but I need to start building actual setups with light diffuser screens
I have been doing some preliminary tests and it is obvious that my lighting sucks when I try to key the green screen
My images still come out, how shall we say……crispy
I know there’s some kind of “how to” out there on the interwebs

Once I get all of the little crap out of the way, I am confident that I will be able start cranking out drum and bass videos for The Ramone and take the concept to the next level

My vehicle situation is very close to being capable of interstate travel and that means booking out of town gigs

The arrows are pointing upward for The Ramone right now


The very first edition of “The Busking the RAMONE”

I had originally intended to try out the busking concept last weekend  but I was offered a gig at 3 Links instead
Naturally, I took the inside gig and it went over well
This time, I had prepared 32 tracks for the street and they didn’t have to be perfect EQ
3 Links was very kind to allow me the use of an electrical outlet and i thank them very much

Normally, I wouldn’t show up until an our or so before sunset because busking in the hot sun is extremely draining
In fact, I think I might have gotten heat stroke today but it was mild

I showed up early because of the Invasion Car Show and did not know what I was going to encounter
I knew that Elm Street was going to be blocked off but I didn’t anticipate that people would have those portable open tent like thingies
People weren’t happy to see me loading a bunch of equipment between the two tents just down the street from 3 Links
My second misconception was that all of the bands playing the car show were going to be at Trees
It turned out that they were playing the parking lot of Trees, which adds way too much noise to the environment
I opted to wait until the final band was off the stage to start playing but it was still hot at that time of the day (I need to start paying attention to times)
Keep in mind that I have already been exerting myself in the hot sun and getting shit figured out since about 3:30pm

Meanwhile, “Joey” from SEDATED- the world’s greatest Ramones tribute shows up in full gear and wants to sing
I tell him that he can sing the whole set if he likes and he pretty much did, except for the time he went to get a beer
This turned out to be a very good stroke of luck because this meant I didn’t have to sing a lot in the heat and he saved me some hassle

I would say that most of the performance went well
I recorded video of the performance with “Joey”  but turned the camera off as I went through the set at different points, so that I can get used to playing a request on the fly
I didn’t feel the need to document all of this because there are going to be plenty of busking performances in the future to record
I am exploring the option of live-streaming my busking session but we shall see….
My outdoor EQ skills leave a lot to be desired and it was hard to hear different parts of the music, especially the vocals
My brain gets distracted by all the things happening around me and I flub some chords or forget a word here and there but I am prepared to hammer that out with repetition
All of that will change with experience as well
Other than that, I can’t find much fault in today’s busk

ACCOMPLISHMENTS AND ADJUSTMENTSThe first and most obvious adjustment will be the time of day
I will say that I did pretty well on tips and managed to catch the spilloff from across the street but I know that a normal busk in Texas  in the summertime should start just around sundown (you know how it is in Texas in the summertime)
Night time is prime time in Ellum and you can extend your busking time because you aren’t drained by the sun before you even set up

The second improvement is the obvious amount of repetition I need to get my physical stamina up as well as my technical prowess
This is one of the principal reasons for me to busk
Another positive aspect of busking  is that you get to fuck up and it doesn’t have as much impact
You will be playing that song again in about an hour, so it doesn’t have as much finality
Or you can play it in 10 minutes from now, because foot traffic will keep your audience constantly changing

As I mentioned, I took 2 more laps around the set by myself but omitted a few songs
I was going to take a break, maybe get something to eat but I started to feel queasy
It was then that I realized I probably shouldn’t push it
I had a huge ego about my physical prowess because of my drum busking experience
Many of my drum excursions on the street would last at least 5 or 6 hours if not longer
But I am a seasoned drummer and it was mostly after dark
Add to that the fact that I was getting sloppy because my fingertips were getting numb
I am playing hunt and peck on the keyboard with the middle finger on my left hand (how very “Manson” of me) because I still cant feel the tip of my index finger
It feels like when you burn your finger but with no pain, just disconnection
My right hand is no issue because it only comes in contact with a pick
Plus, I have decades of repetition built into my wrists from drumming, so I am good on the right
My ego tells me that Sunday night is technically Saturday because of Labor day on Monday  and I could busk again tomorrow night but I seriously better not push it

Always bring hydration to the street and try to avoid drinking large amounts of caffeine or alcohol
Try to avoid anything that dehydrates you
Plus, you wanna try to stay sober because a situation on the street can turn South quickly and you are going to need your wits about you
The main reason I lasted as long as I did today was because I froze a half gallon jug of water the night before and kept taking sips off the ice runoff

I won’t be busking again next weekend because I have a tourung band coming in on the 9th and I am going to see Kraftwerk on the 10TH!
My first ever Kraftwerk show!
See you soon!

Here’s the video I recorded