New videos posted on youtube

I have been editing footage of the recording sessions I did with marko in 07/08 and have 3 new collages

I also have video from the practice run we did at MTN
Space Rock Anthem/HK Action


The slow evolution of my internet presence

One of my biggest hinderances so far has been my lack of a true internet presence
Laura is going to school for emerging media and has told me of the new steps I need to take in order to make my output more visible
Laura has taken up the title of “press secretary” for me and the first thing that she told me to get off the sinking ship that is Livejournal
I am going to keep my personal and band pages on Myspace as well as my facebook account (although I need a profile for PyroPlasticFlow)
Since she uses WordPress then she thought I should

So, here is where I will be blogging until it become unfasionable and they tell me to move along

I will try to make my old blogs as accessable as possible in the future

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