The Travel Kit

One of my biggest  barriers has been the sheer amount of equipment that it takes to do what I do
Playing a show is literally a full days work
2 hours of breaking down and packing the performance setup into The Van
1 hour of waiting around the club for someone to let me in
2 hours of unloading into the club and setting up (usually not including a torturous sound check)
30/45 minutes  to perform (usually for 3 people and the sound guy)
2 more hours of breakdown and packing back into The Van 
45 Minutes of lading from The Van to the house
It’s been a while since I played a gig that made any of this worth it so I stopped for a while
The idea of touring by myself  isn’t very practical either

The idea of a mini-kit came from trying to figure out how to get to Japan
I needed a compact drumkit that I could carry on a train or bus
Any of you who know me well have heard me talk about “pulling a stick up my ass”
Well, one of my big ones was that I had to have “real drums”
So, I had  to decide if I wanted my musical integrity as a drummer or did I ant to get my ass out and tour

I decided on the touring option
Once I got the idea, it took only a couple of hours to make it a physical reality
Right about that time,  I was listening to my co-worker Kevin talk about busking for tips with his cello
That’s when the light went off and I started thinking that I could do it too
I went to Nicollet Mall and noticed that there was an electrical outlet every 20/30 feet
Must be for all of the events/holliday parades etc…. that they have there
They also have various people playing guitars, hand drums, violins etc…
I figured that I would stick out like a sore thumb (but in a good way)
My biggest anxiety was the possibility of getting a ticket
Dallas has a zero tolerance policy for such shenannegans (it cuts down on aggressive panhandling)
I talked to a cop and described my plans
He told me that I will be OK if I pay attention to a couple of things
1- keep the volume down (all eclectronic so no problem)
2- stay away from the entrances of stores (if someone complains, you gotta go)
3- no aggressive panhandling (you can’t pass around a hat but people can throw tips in your case)
He said that using the electricity was not big deal so I decided to go for it

I made a preliminary video of the concept and here it is
I will be filming my exploits and will post it
Next year, JAPAN!
I am having a hard time

Looks like nothing is going on tonight so I will spend it getting the new mini-travel drumkit ready for busking on Nicollet mall tomorrow

I have made a video tour of the kit and will post it very soon

The slow evolution of my internet presence

One of my biggest hinderances so far has been my lack of a true internet presence
Laura is going to school for emerging media and has told me of the new steps I need to take in order to make my output more visible
Laura has taken up the title of “press secretary” for me and the first thing that she told me to get off the sinking ship that is Livejournal
I am going to keep my personal and band pages on Myspace as well as my facebook account (although I need a profile for PyroPlasticFlow)
Since she uses WordPress then she thought I should

So, here is where I will be blogging until it become unfasionable and they tell me to move along

I will try to make my old blogs as accessable as possible in the future

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