The Ramone- Ableton = Advancement

Thanks to my great friend Meatpie, I now have Ableton Live
For those of you who do not know that that is, just know that it is software that is going to enable me to put on a more professional performance because I can send my tracks individually instead of mixed together
My current video setup has all drums on one mono channel with bass guitar and backing vocals on another
Instead of handing the sound engineer the batter already mixed, you can hand them the individual ingredients
The sound person can now alter the recipe to fit their own room

At this moment, I have 50 drum parts and 45 bass parts ready to automate
The next step is keying out green screen and syncing the drums and bass videos together
I am not really happy with the quality and even-ness of lighting and I anticipate a lot of minuscule adjustments in my immediate future
But that’s OK because work like this is not a drag at all when I know it is going to pay off
The final step will be to add lyrics to the videos and I will be ready to host Live Ramones Karaoke

In other news, I have re-doubled my efforts to book more live gigs and am looking to travel pretty much anywhere I can
Local gigs are starting trickle in and i have started to organize my national touring contacts
I have even contacted international tribute festivals and booking agents for places like Europe and Japan
However, the thing that really has been getting my attention is the number of people from South America who have been friending and liking The Ramone on Facebook
South America has the most rabid Ramones fans on the planet and I am sure I would go over well there but it seems like that would be the most challenging place to go

The next thing I want to do is start a Patreon campaign to help finance these new adventures
I plan to record 50 more Live Karaoke songs and want to raise enough money to do it right next time with higher quality production
See you out there soon!


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