The Ramones Hard to Find Bonus Tracks pt 5 (accidental prequel) – “Carbona Not Glue”

The Ramones “Hard to Find” bonus tracks pt 1 “Street Fighting Man”
The Ramones “Hard to Find” Bonus Tracks pt 2- Smash You
The Ramones Hard to Find Bonus Tracks pt 3 “Can’t Say Anything Nice”

Let’s take a break from the Beggar’s Banquet 12″ singles as a source of “Non Album” tracks that could be considered “Bonus Tracks” back in the days before everything was available online in some form or another
Let’s talk about a track that became rare by accident

The average non-obsessive Ramones fan in 1991 would have a hard time knowing what was going on at the 2:57 mark on track 17 of their new album “Loco Live”
It seems there is an untitled song tacked onto the end of the song “Pet Sematary” that talks about huffing
The song is Carbona Not Glue and it has a dubious back story

Let’s jump back from 1991 to 1977 when The Ramones release their second studio album “Leave Home”
The original pressing included Carbona but was hastily removed after they discovered that Carbona was a trademarked brand name and that they had a potential lawsuit on their hands
It was replaced by the track “Babysitter” and later by “Sheena Is A Punk Rocker” in anticipation for the next album “Rocket To Russia”

I had bought the vinyl album of Leave Home and had no idea that Carbona was an issue
One of my friends was bragging that he had a bootleg 45 with Cabona on it whereupon I replied “And?”
He told me the story that I just told you but then I showed him my copy of Leave Home

Evidently, I had inadvertently purchased a very rare album
Too bad it got absolutely destroyed by water damage along with the rest of my albums

The RAMONE is a One Man Tribute Band that sees The Ramones as a cultural phenomenon and not just an influential rock n Roll band
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