The Ramones Hard to Find Bonus Tracks pt 4- “Go Home Ann”

The Ramones “Hard to Find” bonus tracks pt 1 “Street Fighting Man”
The Ramones “Hard to Find” Bonus Tracks pt 2- Smash You
The Ramones Hard to Find Bonus Tracks pt 3 “Can’t Say Anything Nice”

In the previous installment, I covered how I had been buying the Beggar’s Banquet 12″ singles that the Ramones released in the UK.
I had started with the 12″ released after “Too Tough To Die”
I had enough money at the time to buy one of two 12″ singles that were released after the “Animal Boy” album
One contained the non album track “Can’t Say Anything Nice” and the other included “Go Home Ann”, whaich was on the single “Bonzo Goes To Bitburg”

I ended up buying the single with “Can’t” on it and never bothered to buy the one with “Ann” on it
I often wondered what that song sounded like
Now with the miracle of Youtube, I can
Now that I have heard it
What’s the Verdict?
I am glad I didn’t buy this after all

Obviously, not every song can be a good one and I’m prepared to ‘splain myself
Let’s start with the keyboard intro-
It is not often that you hear a Ramones song with keyboards and even less that the keyboards are in a minor key
The keyboards up until now have been to add an uplifting mood like “Do You Remember Rock N Roll Radio” or “Come On Now”

But these are smaller and more creepy sounding keyboards
What is more distracting is that the rockin’ part of the song is at a slightly different tempo which doesn’t really transition well
There is one recognizable riff in the song which reminds me a lot of a riff in “This ‘Ain’t Havana”

This ambitious track was written by Dee Dee and Mickey Leigh (Joey’s Brother)
In the end, it doesn’t feel like a Ramones song

The RAMONE is a One Man Tribute Band that sees The Ramones as a cultural phenomenon and not just an influential rock n Roll band
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