The Ramones Hard to Find Bonus Tracks pt 2- “Smash You”


As I has stated in the lest installment, I bought a 12″ single from Bill’s records and Tapes at around the same time that I bought Too Tough To Die. I really liked the cover of Street Fighting Man but Smash You sounded like the songs I was writing (that sounded like the Ramones)
This song employs the technique of accentuating notes with crashes (think of the breakdown in Now I Wanna Be A Good Boy). I did that a lot in my new songwriting because it sounded cool. Of course, I over-used it but those songs don’t exist anymore, the tapes long since lost or recorded over.
This song was written by Richie but it adds to a list of songs where violence against women is covered. The Ramones never shied away from any controversial topics but I would have to say that beating up women is the only one that makes me really uncomfortable. Still, you can’t deny them their take on life in the real world any more than you can deny a rapper talking about the same thing. It is something that happens in the real world and addressing it doesn’t necessarily endorse it.
It seems that this song was left off Too Tough To Die but I’d much rather hear this song than Humankind or Planet Earth 1988

Rocky The Ramone is a One Man Tribute band to the Ramone. Pease check out The Ramone at the Facebook profile



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