The Ramones “Hard to Find” bonus tracks pt 1 “Street Fighting Man”

As much as I hate Youtube from a content creator standpoint, I love it as an archive of stuff that I either didn’t know existed or didn’t have the money to buy in the 80’s. To me, “I want you around” from the Rock n’ Roll High School Soundtrack was a “bonus track” that I would put on my personal tapes and mixtapes I made for other people
My first Ramones album was Rocket to Russia but I immediately went out and bought “Too Tough To Die” after seeing them at the
Arcadia Theater
I am not sure if I bought them at the same time but I did buy a 12″ single with “Howling At The Moon”
There was a non album track that was a cover of The Rolling Stones’ “Street Fighting Man” which now became my new “Bonus Track”
This would be one of several British releases on Beggar’s Banquet


I thought it was kind of a ripoff to put two album tracks on the record and only offer one bonus song
I guess I was spoiled by Twisted Sister because their 12″ singles were mostly live versions of album tracks and those count as bonus tracks
What a coincidence that both bonus tracks are Rolling Stones covers


I will be covering more non album tracks and the next one will be “Smash You”
Part 2 of Bonus Tracks “Smash You”
Part 3 of Bonus Tracks “Can’t Say Anything Nice”


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