Allergies and Drum Parts

I am just going to have to deal with the fact that I cannot go out and perform as The Busking The Ramone until my allergies calm down. I have tried every type of allergy medicine available and none of it works enough for me to be able to stand out on the street and sing. I need to create something with all of this time so it is time to record drum parts.The current set is the “Hits”. There are roughly 30 songs that will work on the street and 20 of them have video parts recorded for projection. My biggest problem is that they are from different sessions and have distinctly different sounding mixes and volume levels. Since I can’t leave the studio for 5 minutes without sneezing violently, I will have to just stay inside and do a marathon session of drum parts. In order to have some fresh enthusiasm, I need to start with tracks that I have not recorded in any previous set lists. The entire 1st album has been covered as well as the most well known songs up until Too Tough To Die. Even then, Durango 95 is the only track that made it. This means that I am going to start with “Road To Ruin” Of course,”Sedated” is on the current set list but what about the other cuts on that album as well as the albums after that? There are songs that don’t make it onto the greatest hits or even the live set, what songs would you like to hear? Is there a deep cut that you always wanted to see perform live?


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