A Little Help from Lynyrd (no, not that Lynyrd)

I have been having a lot of anxiety over the years regarding my opinion of my own work ethic.
My basic assertion is that I am infinitely more productive when I am working with another person
Working by myself can be expressed in the following mathematical equation
Time spent working – Time spent doubting myself and spinning my wheels = Actual work accomplished
It’s not always like that
Artistic video editing doesn’t tend to be tedious
The rest can be like pulling teeth, especially if I encounter a problem that I cannot resolve or an outcome that never improves
There is absolutely no convincing myself that anything is going to work when I get discouraged and end up vegging out in front of Youtube

I am recording new tracks for The RAMONE setlist and needed better sounding drums and also needed to be able to save individual tracks of the recording instead of having to cram the drums onto one track.
So I asked my friend Lynyrd to do it
My first setlist took 2 consecutive late nights to record 13 songs
The Lynyrd Sessions took about 4 hours and I recorded 16 songs
This proves to me that I am not as lazy as I accuse myself of being
I am just incredibly inefficient when left to my own devices
Thanks to Lynyrd, something I that would have been prolonged over a week was done in one afternoon


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