The Resurrection of The Hypnotic Eye Pt 1

I have made money off my video endeavors but you can hardly call it a living
A good deal of the time I spent editing video was for the sheer enjoyment of manipulating the footage and watching the chaos in my head take shape on the screen
Artistic gratification isn’t ever enough for me, I need to affect change on my environment
As an artist, my tools are those of expression rather than those of direct speech or action
My influence on culture is to expose lesser known ideas and/or sensibilities to those who have not chosen to investigate on their own
There is one particular seed that I have been nursing since the mid 90’s when i first got the video bug
The Hypnotic Eye is the starting point when I became aware of the power of multi-media and started thinking towards the rapidly approaching new century
This show may be about nostalgia but it was presented in a very challenging way
I have kept this show available on the internet by posting it on
I chose this website because they don’t seem to heed the corporate interests of the copy-wrong police and have never taken any of them down
This would normally lead to my multi-paragraph long rant about Fair Use etc… but that wil have to wait for another post

I am honored to be included in this project presented by the Church of the SubGenius and OSI 74
Mr Lobo has been gracious enough to invite me to do a series of Barrage Edits for this series as well as a personal introduction
Look for more in the future!
And now……..


Joe Riley's Hypnotic Eye S1E1 from OSI 74 on Vimeo.


One thought on “The Resurrection of The Hypnotic Eye Pt 1”

  1. I discovered Joe Riley’s hypnotic eye somehow years ago online. I was enamored with the barrage of movie trailers, old toy commercials, monster movie clips, music etc. I loved the idea of this mind melting show on public access. I think Joe defiantly got a whiff of USA’s Night Flight from the 80’s, which had a similar weirdness of obscure media and music. Since then, I’ve discovered other amazing relics of psychedelic multi media trash such as “Theater for the Insane” “Forbidden Transmission” and “Asylum for Shut-ins” and I haven’t been right since. These shows deserve some more regconition!

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