Lesson Learned- Frugal is OK, Cheap is not

I have spent the last couple of months wrestling with my editing laptop
The green screen preparations were underway for The Ramone and Multiple Man when I encountered a huge problemThe entire screen turned green whenever I would drag a raw camera clip into the timeline
The rendered clip had the same “blank” green screen
My computer literate friends had to re-install the program
Why didn’t I just do it myself?
Because this was a pirated copy of the program and I could not seem get the Keygen process to work
The software was re-installed but to no avail
The Green Screen of Death still mocked me
That’s when it was suggested that my codecs were screwed up
I ended up converting the raw files into different types and found that the ASF file didn’t bring up the G.S.O.D.
I continued to make videos

A bit of background on the laptop:
I bought the ASUS because it was built for gaming
I didn’t buy it for gaming but my research told me that a gaming laptop has the power I need for video editing at the price I could afford
Plus, it has RED BACKLIT KEYS!!!!!
The moment I fired it up, I was offered a “recommended”  upgrade from Windows 8 to 10
I didn’t even think about it because 10 is going to be an improvement over 8 right?
This proved to be one of my first mistakes (other than using pirate software)
Things went Ok for a while but I started to notice a gradual decline in the performance of the editing software which brings us back to the Green Screen of Death

A pop up window appeared in the editing program declaring “You need to update your Windows Media Player software to fix this problem”
I did what they told me and things certainly did change
The ASF files still worked in the timeline but now my videos were crashing during the rendering process
The upgrade just made things worse

This went on until last week when I had enough
I saved all of my media on an external drive and did a Factory Reset which erased the hard drive and returned it back to a virgin state
My cheap ass tried to re-install the pirate software and was immediately shut down by the manufacturer
Apparently I had skipped a step when it came to hiding your guilt from the manufacturer
I have had enough

After much research, I have found a brand new sealed copy of the software in the previous edition
It turns out that the new edition is designed for Windows 10 so I went retroactive
I ordered it off E-bay and it ended up costing me $45 with express shipping

This situation set my projects back at least 2 months
I would have gladly paid $45 to avoid the frustration and lack of forward progress
I don’t need a $400 professional editing suite so my old anxieties about spending any amount of money whatsoever was what cost me the time and frustration
I am certain i would have already gotten to the booking stage by now
Instead, I have to wait until Thursday when I get my express shipped package (that is, if the delivery company gets it right)
My projects are past the experimental stage and I need to create finished products for dry runs and adjustments for the real world so it will still take a little more time before I am comfortable with booking a gig

*Additional thought on being a cheap ass:
It seems like I see a story once a month about a band who has had their trailer stolen and lost all of their gear
Being a cheap ass means spending thousands on your gear but neglecting to spend a couple of hundred dollars on a trailer boot to immobilize it and prevent it from being stolen
Priorities my man


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