Rockula- Video /DJ for Retropalooza 3

The Game Chasers started Retropalooza 3 years ago and this video gaming/collecting convention has doubled in size each year
Last year, they occupied the “small half” of the Arlington Tx Convention center but this year, they will be in the big-assed 30,000 sq. ft. main room
Not only have they asked me to provide audio and visual equipment like last year, they have asked me to be the Video/DJ for the event
I even get my own stage!!!!
In addition to the massive game selling area, there will be panels, LARP, Cosplay, Card Gaming, and a Video Gaming area
I will be located over by the video gaming area and will be providing all the retro sights and sounds to get you in the right mood for the event
There’s even a concert at the end of the 1st night
I would love it if you came by the DJ booth to say hello and request a song/video/TV show etc…
See you there!
Retropalooza 3 flyer


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