Getting ready for The Walking Dead to come back next week

I am really excited about next Sunday because that is when The Walking Dead returns from the mid season break
I started reviewing in the middle of season 4 but and am still developing my style
So, it’s back to demanding Mondays off so that I have adequate time to do my full analysis of Sunday night’s episode
From the moment I wake up until I pass out deep into Tuesday morning, I watch the show at least 2 more times, including watching it in my editing software whilst I cut out clips for the show
I do a quick mashup of the most memorable moment and then write, record and edit the review
It literally takes all day and by the time Monday night/Tuesday morning rolls around, my eyes start to lose focus and I can’t think clearly. Damn I love that feeling
All fo this effort is making me a better multi-media artist/personality and i hope it pays off someday soon
If not, at least you and i got to bond over a show about the worst thing that could happen about humanity
See you for the rest of season 5!


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