Giant burst of creative energy

Saturday night was fun because I borrowed Trey’s lights and did a video shoot involving the Molecues in rm 14 (the drum riser room)
The room was going to be used the next day so I cleared the whole thing out
I thought I was going to have a busy Sunday but the ice storm took care of that
This meant that I had all day to set up the drum riser room to shoot some drum cover videos
The day was progressing well and it took a couple of hours to set up the mics, digital recorder and cameras
Then I decided to change the Bowling Ball kit for the Molecules
This added more time to my setup and I was curious to see how long my emotional energy would last
There’s not so much a physical fatigue issue but I get distracted or discouraged easily so I usually end up not finishing something
The Molecules were all set to go when I encountered the first test of my resolve
I was checking the bass drum mic when the linkage of my double pedal disintegrated and fell apart
This would normally result in me giving up for the day and feeling guilty about quitting (compounded by the anxiety of not having the money to buy a new one)
However, this day was different for some reason and I quickly MacGuyvered the pedal with a key ring
Back up and running, checked all the mics, run through the song I am covering first and……
The one band that makes it through the ice storm just so happens to share a wall with the room I’m in
So that means muffled music coming through the mics
Second test of my resolve
Instead of quitting, I felt a huge surge of optimism and creative energy
I decided that the down time would be spent adding colored lights and testing which angles made the shells light up best
My neighbors called it early to get home before dark and I was back at it

I was planning on just running through a bunch of casual covers but then I noticed that I had deleted the final mixes of the drum covers i am about to post with an accompanying review
These drum covers require more effort because I concentrate on as much accuracy as possible
After the three covers were done, I managed to record two more for the future before a particularly ass-beating song made me give up for the night

This was more than enough to make me feel like I accomplished somethingĀ  and I sat back to watch the latest episode of The Walking Dead
That’s when I realized that I should start reviewing the show, so I took notes and watched some of the reviews that were already up
There were a couple of channels that I liked but i found that most people watch this show for completely different reasons
I thought that i would be able to stand out with my opinions so I free-formed about 10 minutes with some notes
Next thing you know, it is 7am and I am uploading my first review

I was worried about my arm today after giving it such a workout last night but it feels great
GIRL has rehearsal tonight and I actually fee more loose than before
I think I am finally getting close to healing up this arm
Stay tuned for a TON of new things


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