Trolling for confrontation can be a good thing

I would like to explain some of my motivations when I start instigating and stirring up what I see as debate but others sometimes see as confrontation
My current situation (incredibly sweet and lucky as it is) has it’s limitations
One of those is that I have not felt that I could adequately serve the studio and have a 2nd job
This was an attitude that I am in the process of changing
Part of it was because I was getting lucky and creating opportunities to make a little money here and there but I have to confess that part of it was that I was lazy
Making very little in actual money has caused me to deem outside travel as an un-neccesary expense and risk since my borrowed vehicle is all kinds of out of date and is a gas hog
This means that I only get to have 5 minute interactions with human beings and  even worse, they’re MUSICIANS!
I don’t get to have a lot of meaningful conversations, so if it looks like I am trolling for responses well…
I am
But here’s the difference
I’m not posting ideas so that all my friends can agree with me
I am posting ideas because I want you to disagree with me
The artist in me craves intellectual confrontation
I may not ever agree with you and I may not give up easily but that doesn’t mean I can’t learn something
I can’t get out there right now and talk to you people so I am trying to lure you into talking to me
Even if the majority of the conversation is side-tracking, splitting hairs and endless counter arguments
Am I doing it for the attention?
But I try to earn that attention by giving you as much of an intellectual challenge as I possibly can
Who knows?
You might teach me something I didn’t know


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