You say you want a revolution? Leave your gun at home

I have been watching a lot of documentaries on the history of firearms lately and I have noticed a parallel between the evolution of civilization and that of war
On the surface, you see the side with the better weapons technology becoming the dominant culture
Under the surface, nations succeed when they abandon outdated tactics, technology and basic principals of thought
But what about Democracy?

Democracy is held up (mostly by the US) as the most civilized form of government on the face of the earth
Because it is a non-violent change of power which makes the old methods of conquest seem barbaric
The US set itself as a shining example of virtue and confidence in itself by leaving it up to chance every 4 years
Obviously, the gun was a necessary measure to protect the liberties and freedoms that others cultures envied, but for the most part, as the nation developed, our attitudes towards murdering each other become more strict
We became more united as a nation until we reached our current status
Although we may have bitter differences, we generally react as a unified people when threatened from the outside
It seems that the last few decades have shown a good deal of erosion in our sense of unity

Today’s United States doesn’t really have a common enemy
Of course, terrorism is a threat, but not really a big central idea in which all of us can rally
There are millions of fragmented pieces of danger in today’s world threatening us with an endless cycle of chaos, rather than a concentrated event like a traditional war
To make matters worse, our government has been made ineffective by running itself like a business instead of like a government, placing profitability over serving the people
The people of the United States have begun to feel sold out by their elected officials and the only thing keeping their interest are the false dramas and futile causes they perpetrate in order to distract you as they stack the deck against the American people
This is brings us back to my original point
If Americans really want to prove our moral superiority, then we need to quit equating revolution with armed force

What’s the difference between the changes happening over there as opposed to the same change that could happen here?
No blood needs to be shed
As corrupt as our system is, it is the American people themselves that are responsible for the decline of our political system
First, we must accept that there is no way to extract the influence of corporations on our government, and who says corporations are completely evil in the first place?
Many of us only vote in elections where we know something large is taking place and yet we do not realize that local elections are the most important branch of Democracy because this is where your opinions carry the most weight
Think of it as “reverse trickle down” in that it starts with a diverse populace and ends with what the nation really wants (instead of what happens in the real world of “trickle down’)

Second- We need to learn the difference between personal and human morality when it comes to the political process
Personal morality has proven to be the most corrosive aspect of “right and wrong” when it enters into a political situation
Does it not go against the basic idea of Democracy that the needs of the individual extend only to that individual?
Voting on a local level shapes the community in which you live more effectively than voting once every 4 years for someone who will never know what it is like for you personally
All of this is still available to us and could be used to it’s full potential
And yet people still want to drag this country backwards because they cannot think past using force as a method of change

There’s been quite a lot of talk lately about people arming themselves against possible tyrannical actions from the government
People who see armed resistance as an inevitability have failed to notice one of two things
1- They failed to participate in their government and were not represented
2- Their point of view is not shared by the majority of the country

I personally do not think that the Obama administration is going to try to take everyone’s guns away mostly because the government does not need to disarm the population in order to control it
That control has already been put in place and is steadily consuming our society
The two horns on this demon’s head are Convenience and Debt and they have more power over the people of this country than guns
Ask the average American if they would prefer a gun over a cell phone
Which one do you need to get a job in this country?
Which one will Americans insist on having unlimited access to?
Now imagine how they would react if their conveniences were taken away
And this is the fundamental point of my argument

How do I personally feel about the situation we have gotten ourselves into?
Firstly, I really don’t have much interest in the workings of the world
I was born more of a philosopher than scientist or mathemetician
People like me are here to bring issues to light but not always to decide the right or wrong
Observers tend to be full of contradictions and can reside on both sides of the line more often than not
Corporations?- They are absolutely necessary for the human race to evolve past our barbaric tendencies because they facilitate advances in science and technology
*I am happy to take “The Blue Pill” and allow you to make untold fortunes off of my consumerism
Government?- They are absolutely necessary in order to harness the chaos of human nature into an ever evolving culture that values progress over stability
*I realize that the government does horrible things to keep me safe and comfortable
Strongly Opinionated People?- So what if you are spouting half educated rhetoric? Are you brave enough to assimilate the teachings of others that you encounter in your discussions and arguments? Do you have the strength of character to investigate facts that may force you to change your position?
*I have surprised myself lately by making an effort to prove myself wrong

Until the American public realizes that we still have the chance to make Democracy work for us, then we are doomed to keep repeating the current cycle of mistakes until our Barbarism overcomes our Humanity


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