The Rockula Update- Pivotal point

Tonight will be the third show that I have played with Scary Cherry and the Bang Bangs
This one is going to be much more challenging than the previous gigs
Those were 1 set shows that tend to go by very quickly and have a limited amount of technical issues that require me to pay attention
Most of the set so far has been songs with backing tracks and one transition
Tonight’s set at lee Harvey’s will be a 2 hour set with a completely different set list as well as several different transitions
All that require that I not make any mistakes

The steps leading up to this point have been hard ones indeed
Having to learn two sets of songs is stanard for the working musician and nothing too unreasonable but that’s when you have a whole band to rehearse and complete tracks to accompany the process
The band has been unable to provide either of those due to their hectic schedules and money/time constraints
In reality, I have only had a complete set of backing tracks for a week or two so I busted my ass and got to where I could play with backing tracks and a click with about a %90 degree of accuracy

This is an accomplishment that has boosted my confidence and opinion of my worth as a musician
Many drummers cannot play with a click, much less play with no band and be on the spot when the sequenced parts hit, so that’s a new feather in my cap

Tonight will be a major point in my life where I prove to myself that it is still worth pursuing a career in music despite 20 years of struggling with my own sense of accomplishment


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