Un-dead (again) : The Necro Tonz Reunion 2012

The Necro Tonz have been asked to do a reunion show which will also serve as a KNON benefit
The venue will be LaGrange in Deep Ellum and the night will be Halloween!
We all met together at Colleen’s to discuss the plan
Firstly, the lineup will be exactly the same as when they stopped with one addition, and that’s me
Right off the bat, I decided that it wouldn’t be very fun to just sit in on a couple of songs on the drums
Robin Graves is without a doubt the most qualified of all the Tonz drummers in that he has such a rich jazz background so I had to justify my place on the stage
Nekkie had already asked me if I would compose video for the stage so I had the idea to utilize my musical multi-media skills during the entire evening
The Roland SPDS sampler pad will make a perfect array of bongos, shakers, maracas timbales etc.. as well as sound effects and accents
Plus, I am a pretty decent singer, but I make a better harmonizer so I will be singing backup
There’s various skit-like performances we have proposed that involve audience participation and I’ve even decided to host the evening as Video/DJ!
In addition to Necrophelia-Diva of the Dead, Mike The Mangler, Gloo, Smilin’ Jack the Ripper, Robin Graves and Count Rockula, look for past Necro Tonz members to sit in during the two sets we weill perform for the evening
Here’s the only footage that I know of with Count rockula on the drums
More news to come!!!


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