The Decade in Review part 5

originally posted on 06 March 2010 @ 02:50 pm
So I get home from the worst touring experience I have ever had only to find that things are not going well for Laura
She’s a bit limited in her ability to get a job because she needs one with health insurance
Finally, she lands a job at Starbucks (which will prove to be the bane of her existance in the future)
However, she has not adjusted well to life in Texas
Not only that but she is crammed into my sister’s tiny house with 3 dogs constantly trying to get into the room where Tino is staying
I just about saw my life flash in front of my eyes the day that one of the dogs ALMOST caught the bird when he was out of the cage
Luckily, the dog was only trying to smell the bird but it looked like there was a 1 second gap where the bird might become a feathery meal
That’s all I would have needed and I’m sure that would have been it between me and Laura

Being that McKinney is 30 miles north of Dallas, it was a bit hard to get a job down there
I lucked out when I applied for a job at a Brook Mays music store in Plano (1/2 the way to D)
The manager of the Dallas store also lived in McKinney and decided to transfer to Plano
This left the Dallas store open so I jumped at it
Meanwhile, Laura put a transfer request to find a Starbucks in Dallas
Oh yeah, did I mention that Laura grew up in Minneapolis and never had to get a driver’s licence?

Perhaps one of the most challenging things that I have ever had to do was to teach Laura how to drive
I explained to Laura that Minnesota nice on Texas roads will get you killed (or at least honked at with a middle finger)
Things did not start well with her literally driving the car into a ditch!
She had to take the driving exam several times and it was really starting to get her down but she finally passed
That doesn’t mean I let her drive when I was in the car because her driving scares the crap out of me
She had a bit of time between moving and getting her new job in Dallas so she spent a few months driving from Dallas to McKinney up 75
If that doesn’t count as learning to drive under fire, I don’t know what does

Meanwhile, me and Sombra decided to get a rehearsal room together and started working on the new concept for the band
I had been in a piece of shit run down rehearsal studio for a month or two and needed to get out because I was constantly worried about running into Jason from The Von Ehrichs who had threatened to kick my ass
I wasn’t so much worried about getting my ass kicked but I hate violence and wanted to avoid a confrontation
Tat’s when the guys at Brook Mays told me about another rehearsal studio that was in the same neighborhood but was cleaner, safer and the same price
I would start renting from Alan, who would turn out to be one of the more influential people on my future development
Me and Sombra moved into the space and started figuring out what we were going to do next

***** This is the point in my life where I started blogging, so I am going to try not to repeat mysellf too much in the next installments
It is kinda fun to go back to the old posts and read them.
I did them on MySpace until I found that Rupert Murdoch retains ownership of all blogs posted on his site, so I later switched to Live Journal
If you wanna read them, just go back to July of 2005*****


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