The Decade in Review part 4

first posted on 18 February 2010 @ 01:22 pm
Everything’s set
Laura and I sacrificed any extraneous personal belongings in order to fit into the trailer we rented
We said goodbye to her parents and headed out
We weren’t even out of the state of Minnesota when the transmission of my truck decided to die
We waited for a tow truck and then had to deal with getting back to Minneapolis to re-group
Laura’s parents lent us the money to rent a truck and we got back to moving to Texas
Transferring all of our shit from the triler to the truck was hard enough but it was a fucking cakewalk compared to the runaround we got from U-Haul
I was worried about taking the trailer with us so I tried to drop it off
No one at their customer service department could do shit to help me and I ended up arguing for hours on a payphone with them trying to find a place to drop the trailer off
It was the middle of the nifght before I could get anything resolved and we still had a 17 hour drive ahead of us
Little did I know that a half day’s drive would turn into a three day long frustration-fest
Finally, we made it to Mc Kinney and my sister’s house
Mc Kinney is about 30 minutes north of Dallas and it would take a few months for us to get there
We finally got settled into my siste’rs tiny house with 3 dogs and Laura’s bird
Later, Billy called to ask about the CDs and I had saved up enough money to send his dad a check
He asked me about the other two boxes and I didn’t know what he was talking about
In the meantime, I got an offer to go on tour with a country punk band called the Von Ehrichs
I had been chomping at the bit to tour so I jumped on it

Everything seemed fine at the beginning with the Von Ehrichs
Jason was a bit arrogant but he was the front man and that’s what you want and Jeffrey was the nicest redneck I ever met
I didn’t get a lot of rehearsal time and was told to “just practice with the CD”
Well, the drummer on the CD sucked and I needed more time but I figured I would just wing it and be myself
Besides, Jason said that I didn’t have to copy the CD
Then we got out on the road
That’s when I found out “you don’t have to copy the CD” means you can change only a note or two
This would turn out to be one of the most miserable touring experiences of my life
I had a better time starving and playing for 3 people each night with Scum of the Earth in 1989
Jeffrey was cool to me the entire time but Jason got progressively worse
He was constantly riding my ass and being a dick
One night in Chicago, he stated ordering me to pack up and get off the stage (when I was almost finished anyways)
I told him to get the fuck off my back and the next thing you know, he’s got me backed up against a wall outside of the club
He infoms me that if I don’t get in line, he will kick my ass and dump my drums on the sidewalk, leaving me standed in Chicago
I didn’t have much of a choice seeing as I had no money (he bought me 1 subway sandwich a day) and didn’t want to get in a fistfight on the street in Chicago
To make matters worse, there was 1 more week left on the tour
At least we played Minneapolis in a couple of days

The gig the day before got cancelled so we headed straight for Mpls
I tried to call William to say we would be in town an extra day but I was unsucessful and Poppy seemed nervous that I was calling
Kat let us crash at her house for a few days and we played video games
Lots of my friends showed up at the Minneapolis gig including William and Billy
They tried to talk to me about the CDs but picked a terrible time to do it, 10 minutes before I was supposed to go on
They stayed for the gig but left immediately after
I didn’t think much of it until a few days later when my sister read that William was on the internet claiming that I stole 300 CDs from the band along with a string of personal attacks (most which were only partially true)
This added more insult to injury
Here I was trying to do the one thing I truly wanted to do and it was torture
Add to that my former band members and friends were calling me the worst thing you could ever call me
A thief

I returned to Dallas to find that things were not going smoothly for Laura in my absence


2 thoughts on “The Decade in Review part 4”

  1. I have eliminated as much material belongings as I can so I can have greater flexibility moving around. I bet you find moving lots of possessions around a problem, and finding the space to put it all.

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