The Decade in Review part 3

24 January 2010 @ 01:09 pm
I had been on a Minneapolis goth message board called “Gothlng” for a while and had noticed a member called “Little Red Hen”
She was snarky and loved metal so, I decided to try to met her
I finally caight up with her at 1st Avenue one night when I was doing video
We started hanging out and I was really starting to fall for her
One night, we went to hang out with all the gothlings and I clearly remember the walk home because it is when I confessed how much I was into her
I was really surprised when she reciprocated
All of her friends were making fun of her for dating a guy named Rockula
The best one was from our mutual friend Crazy Eric who remarked “You’re dating Cockula?!”
I couldn’t believe a girl this hot was so smart and into the most obscure weird music
I also couldn’t believe she was into me
After a few months,things were getting even worse at the hell hole and I was actually contemplating asking her if she wanted to get an apartment together
I recognized that I needed to do a little growing (not necessarily “up”) and she was someone that I could trust if I let myself open up a little to someone
The deal was that if we got a place together and it didn’t work out, one of us would allow the other to exit the lease without the black mark on our rental history
Meanwhile, things were deteriorating in the Autonomy ranks

My requests to start thinking about touring were met with lots of excuses
Both Billy and William were entrenched in their own personal lives and had no room for anything other than playing around town and hoping to get noticed by someone who would come save us and pay us to tour
Then the “Menomonie incident” happened
Autonomy was booked in a basement room of a college bar
As soon as I saw the room, I knew there was going to be trouble
There was no room for 3 band’s worth of equipment, much less my giant drumkit
After finishing the set, I tried in vain to break down my equipment
Drunken fuckheads were stumbling all over my shit and giving me dirty looks for being in their way
Of course, things would have gone smoother if I had the rest of the band to run interfearence but they were nowhere to be seen
After finally getting my shit packed up without breaking or having my equipment stolen, I had enough so I decided to leave and head home
Evidentally, this didn’t sit well with the band because it came up in the next meeting how selfish I had acted and how poorly it reflected on the band
I had enough and quit

All I wanted to do was get the fuck out of Minneapolis and return to Dallas where life, although un-rewarding as the artistic possibilities seemed, would be easier to navagate for a while with easy jobs and cheap rent
It was going to suck to break up with Laura but I was pleasantly surprised when she asked me if she could come with
This was a big decision because I didn’t exactly have the greatest track record when it came to long term relationships
My biggest concern was being responsible for her happiness
Especially when I was so bad at making myself happy
We had a couple of months left on the lease so we decided to prepare for it and then we would move to Dallas
My sister had a house in McKinney and we would stay there for a month or two until we both found jobs and a place in Dallas

Meanwhile, things started to get ugly between me and Autonomy
There was the matter of money owed to Billy’s dad for financing the CD plus the equipment I owned that they were using
I decided to trade my PA for an exit from fiscal responsibility with the band
Not only that, but I wanted a box of CDs for my trouble
I would send them money after I got a job in Texas
There was something like 600 left so I took a box of 100
Actually, to be fair, I took a couple of boxes but realized I was being petty and it was too much so I returned all but one box when I brought the PA speakers back

The lease was up and we had packed all of our belongings in a trailer and were ready to go
I though things were going to get a lot simpler but that proved to be an incredibly naive assumption
And, things would turn really bad REALLY QUICK


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