The decade in Review Part 2

So, Autonomy scores it’s first gig at the Ascot room in the quest and we do pretty well
We knew that we were better than pretty much any band but little did I know how frustrating it would be to see shitty formula bands get more popular than us
After all, we were better musicians than they were and were more individualistic
All they had was macho posturing and played exactly the same thing as other more popular bands
This fact would continue to feed my dissatisfaction with rock and roll in general
We eventually got enough material together and recorded the album with Marko

Things started to get pretty bad with Kat
She couldn’t handle not having all of me so she started to do things like staying out until 7:30a.m. and saying she just “hung out with friends”
She insisted that she wasn’t seeing anyone and I didn’t care if she was
The problem was that she was trying to make sure it was in my face as much as possible
This became a sick game of her trying to rub it in my face and me trying to ignore it
The more I ignored it, the more elaborate her lies and stories became
She even fabricated an attemped rape story that fell apart under scrutiny
We took a trip to Dallas and one of my friends came with us
She spent the entire time drunkenly hanging on him and trying to make me jealous
It got so bad that my friends were asking me if we had a 3 way thing going on
It all came to a head when I found out she was hanging out with the guy who had introduced me to her in the first place
She had trashed this guy constantly and we both thought he was pathetic so it made the lie even more irritating when someone remarked that they were at his house and saw Kat there
I never pry into other’s private lives but I grabbed her brand new cell phone and found his number
I started talking shit about him and she joined in about how lame he was so I responded with “If you think he is so fucking lame, then why do you have his number on your brand new cell phone?”
She knew she was busted and I probably would have just let it go but she insisted on taking the offensive about it
I decided that I was done with the lying and head games so I cut her loose

Oh well, at least I have my job and my band right?
Well, my temper got the best of me one day at my job and I said some things that got blown way out of proportion
I was fired for “threatening another employee”
To clarify, I said “I need to leave because he is pissing me off so much that I wanna punch his fucking lights out”
Sounds like I am taking the high road and diffusing the situation by yielding right?
Nope, I was fired without so much as a warning (I had never been written up once in my entire time there)
Of course, when I realized how final the decision was, I decided to get a little satisfaction
I exploded and started screaming at my manager, the store manager and the general manager
I didn’t really have a problem with the GM so much, but I told the store manager he was an innefectual pussy
However, the true venom was directed at my department manager (who just happened to be female)
Not only was she completely ineffectual as well, but I had a strong suspicion that she was fucking my chief rival and stacking the deck against me when it came to moderating arguments between us (several independant sources ahd reported seeing them out on dates)
I got right in her face and said “You may as well sign over half your paycheck to me because I do more to run this department than you” “Maybe if you would pull your head out of your ass and pay attention to your job instead of fucking “insert name here” you could get a clue”
She burst into tears and I left the office cursing
A week later, someone walked up to me and said “You’re Rockula huh?”
“Yup”, I replied
“Where do you get off punching your female manager in the face?” he said “You must be a real limp dick motherfucker to hit a girl”
I couldn’t believe what I was hearing
Unfortunately, this would follow me for several years, making it very hard to get a job

Things were also getting tense in the Autonomy camp
I kept pushing for us to get out of town and play gigs
All I wanted was to get out on tour but I was met with resistance
This was starting to cause a lot of resentment
After all, I was sacrificing a lot for this band by keeping my lifestyle simple
I was spening most of my money on the band and living in a real hell hole to keep my personal costs and responsibilities to a minimum
Did I mention I lived in a Hell Hole?

I found a room for rent at $275 a month, all bills paid
It was owned by Hmongs and was primarily used as a crash pad for people coming into the country that needed to be stashed away until the papers came through
There was a new face in every room every month
They had a crock pot and would cook this black duck that smelled like boiling a whole dog
The smell was almost unbearable but it was nothing compared to the smell coming from the room down the hall
That was occupied by three adult men
Worse, they were Moroccan Frenchmen and they had the worst hygene
Their end of the hall smelled like a fucking zoo
Thie idea of bathing was to stand under the hot water of the shower
There was one bathroom per floor and it smelled like steamy B. O.
I carried a spray bottle of bleach water with me any time I went in there
They pissed on the toilet seat and left rings of filth in the tub
Not only that but the oldest one would get drunk as fuck and bellow “Proud to be an American” at the top of his lungs
He would stand out on the lawn and tell people that if they did drugs, he would kick their ass
Eventually, he started bringing home prostitutes and beating them up
I was constantly in fear that he would kick in my door one day in a drunken rampage
About that time is when I met Laura and things changed forever


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