The decade in review part 9

originally posted 26 April 2010 @ 02:37 pm
As I have stated in the last installment, things were starting to get thin between Laura and I
A few factors contributed to it but there were many more symptoms
The disagreements between us used to end with me turning it into a growth experience
Now I just shut down and went cold
She put up with my smug attitude before because it was kind of charming but now I was becoming an arrogant prick
Our arguments would escalate into shouting matches with me acting like a coward by shutting it all down and running away to the rehearsal studio
The worst was one night where I poured vodka on the fire making me incredibly unreasonable and verbally abusive
The spark was Laura’s horrible driving (this is a fair statement because she really does drive like shit)
It ended with me taking off and sleeping on the cold floor of the studio (foreshadowing the near future for me)
None of this was her fault because our relationship had been built on mutual respect of each other’s viewpoints and stances
I considered her to be my intellectual equal and couldn’t believe it when she said i was the most intelligent person she ever knew
That’s when I decided that I would re-locate to Minneapolis to work on my music in Marko’s studio
Unfortunately, we were only 1/3 into our 1 year lease and I Laura had responsibilities like school and her job
After tons of consideration, I decided that we would go our separate ways when the lease expired
This meant that we knew 6/7 months in advance that we were going to break up
This caused both of us to re-evaluate our relationship and decide to get as many positive things out of it as we could
After the discussion about it, it was decided that I would come back to Dallas after I finished in Mpls and see where we were after our “break”
This seemed to bring us closer together but there was still a time limit looming over our heads and it caused both of us to have lots of anxiety

Now that I had a goal for my music, I began trying to perfect the material so that I could record and perform it by myself
I would spend 6 or 7 hours alone in the rehearsal studio getting the material tight
I even did a couple of gigs to see how it worked live
My job at Brook Mays was deteriorating alongside the company which was literally hanging on by a thread
The only good thing about that place was that they were an absolute shambles as a company and had no control over their inventory
The employees and customers were stealing the company blind and i can’t say that I didn’t take a few pieces home myself
An orphan power adapter here, a cable there etc…
Plus, the manager would sell me stray pieces without boxes/packaging/accessories etc… for insanely cheap (paid like $100 for my 8 track)
I wonder if he even put those sales on the books, instead, I think he just pocketed the cash
Oh well, either way, I can look at myself in the mirror and not call myself a thief
I had enough of my horrible co-workers
One was a dried up bitter old woman who constantly stole my sales whom I called “The Witch”
The worst was the guy whom I called “Jabba”
This piece of shit was a grossly overweight hypochristian who used to rip off churches by adding extra equipment to their bids and then keeping it for himself
His revolting physical appearence was only matched by his slimy general attitude
I walked out one day, called my friend Marcus Morgan and asked him for a job
I was shocked when he asked me to come in for an interview
I got the job and started working at one of the coolest music stores ever


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