The Decade in Review part 8

We found a cool apartment in the Lower Greenville area that was a 2 bedroom
Our stuff was starting to pile up on us and we needed a 2nd room to do our projects in as well as give Tino a place where noise did not get to him at night
The only problem was that the place was crawling with bugs (who magically were not there when we looked at the place)
The source?
An absolutely filthy couple who lived upstairs
The neighbors said that they threw out a couch every once in a while because all of their cats would piss on it
Laura was horrified because she never had to deal with bugs growing up in Minneapolis
I was highly annoyed
I usually got up an hour or two after Laura but now I had to get up with her and go around to every room she was going to go into and kill any bug I saw then I could go to bed
Only to be woken up ten minutes later to kill them all over again 
This was causing serious strain on our relationship
Fortunately, the people upstairs were moving out as we were moving in but bombing only gave temporary relief
Plus, the management was pretty slow about taking care of it
I went upstairs after they moved out and the crew was ripping walls out
I suggested they fill the new walls in with pounds of roach powder and would pay for a box full myself

Right about then was when I had just about enough of Sombra’s bullshit
I had made up my mind to tell him he was out but he told me he quit first
This was when I had my final draft of what I was going to do with PyroPlasticFlow
No matter what I tried, I could not find another person to work with, so I just decided to diversify and do the whole show myself
That’s when Marko offered to record me up in Minneapolis
This would be an opportunity to flesh out all of my material, have a second opinion and be able to work out the kinks in the recording process
Unfortunately, this meant moving back up to Minneapolis and we had just signed a year long lease a couple of months before
This made my decision very difficult because I knew Laura and I had to split up because of it
the music wasn’t my only reason
Things were starting to get thin between us


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