My first radio show

I had flirted with the idea of having a show on KNON for quite a long time
My first exposure to the station was when my friends Cabe Booth, Scott Miller and Danny Hollenbeck had a show
This was way back in the late 80’s and the station was very different back then
It was in a very rough part of East Dallas in a decaying old building that seemed on the verge of collapsing in on itself at any moment
There are too many examples to count when it comes to my musical education whilst listening to KNON
I always wanted a show but could never commit to the regular schedule

But then Dave Chaos called up two days ago and pretty much threw me into the deep end

He wanted to take the night off for the 4th of July and he thought I was ready to do the whole show by myself
Literally by myself because no one else would be there to help me
Even though the thought of hosting a radio show alone and with no real experience intimidated the crap out of me, I stepped up and took the opportunity

I amassed a very large collection of songs for the playlist very quickly
But the time consuming part was clearing all the songs for airplay and cutting out the naughty words
That took a couple of days because I wasn’t sure what words I needed to cut because I was kinda hazy about what was considered a bad word
I made some last minute adjustments and it was time to head to the studio
Man, was I nervous

Getting there seemed to help me calm down a bit but I was not completely clear on exactly what did what
I would rely on my Zune player and laptop
There was a playlist on the Zune and I tested the flow of it several times
Unfortunately, the RCA cables were shorting out considerably and it was freaking me out so I tried to keep trying to un-crackle the Zune
Meanwhile, I couldn’t get the laptop to come up on the board
Some dead air and mistakes later, I finally got the laptop up on the board and got into a rhythm
It was kind of difficult juggling all of those uncertainties but, other than a couple of bumps and glitches, I did fairly well
Plus, I figured that I might as well be a bit light hearted about it and let the listeners in on my mistakes as I make them instead of trying to hide them

My nervousness had to come across when I was on the air because as I stumbled over ideas coming out of my mouth faster than I could articulate them
I felt like a dumbass for the things I was saying sometimes but all in all I just tried to relax and be myself
One guy even called in and asked about Dr Zoltan Obelisk so I got the satisfaction of exposing him to someone new

I need to step back and look at this next sentence and aknowledge it

I went on a real radio station (albeit a community station)completely alone and did a pretty good job

The material was varied and stayed fairly close to the format and yet was very different from what Dave usually plays
This is a tremendous boost to my self esteem and re-enforces the fact that I can do pretty much whatever I want to
Now, the tough part is wanting to again

Here’s the playlist
“Radio Promo/Bad imitation of Buckethead”- Sir Millard Mulch/Dr Zoltan Obelisk”
“The Cobra’s Head”- Buckethead
“Overpowered”- Insecticide
“Peaceful Death”- Dead Horse
“Fist In Your Face”- Morbid Scream
“Tales of the Plagues”- Scum of the Earth
“Summer of Hate” – Talon
“Circle of the Tyrants”- Celtic Frost
“Animosity”- Corrosion of Conformity
“remembering Tomorrow”- Crumbsuckers
“Lake of Fire”- Dr Know
Victim’s Family- “Powertrip”
Dead Kennedys- ” I am the owl”
Hash Palace- “White Trash”
Necro Tonz- “Skulls”
Gary Numan- “Oh That’s Too Bad”
Kiling Joke- “Asteroid”
Melt Banana- “Cat Brain Land’
Guitar Wolf- “UFO Romantics”
Black Sabbath – “Hole in the Sky”
Queen- “Son and Daughter”
Pocket Fishermen- “We Kill Evil”
Dr Zoltan Obelisk- “Prokfeiv Piano Sonata”


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