The Decade in review Part 10

Originally posted 16 May 2010 @ 12:43 pm              

My job at brook Mays was becoming unbearable with all of the different people jockying for power in a manager-less vaccum
That’s when I called my friend Marcus Morgan (from work) and asked him if he was hiring at his store
I got an interview and soon had a job Larry Morgan Music was a music store that had existed on and off for decades in Dallas
He had pictures on the wall of all types of famous rock stars that had been through the shop It was even rumoured that he  had the complete backline of instruments from the 1968 Cream performance when they played Dallas
The guy had seen everything and was really cool I had been a customer for a long time and was incredibly proud that I got a chance to work there
I didn’t have much in common with my fellow employees (4 blues guitarists 2 metalheads and one pop punk drummer) and had lots of spirited discussions where they ended with them shaking their heads
It was a really cool place and I got to do things I had never done before like photograph instruments and put them up on E-bay
Marcus was cool with the fact that I took some artistic license with the photos I may not be a very good guitar player but I knew my way around the physical attributes of them and I used that as a focal point
Angles that showed off the shapes of the instruments and made shiny reflections Closeup pics of pickups, control knobs and kneck joints
Marcus even started calling it guitar porn
For the short time that I worked there, I had a rare opportunity
A job that I was proud of

I was preparing myself for the inevitable breakup and had very conflicting ideas
Laura was the only person that I have ever felt so strongly for but I was getting restless and needed to get to Markos and record my music
This was starting to make me distance myself from her and I needed to make sure that I was giving her all the support I could
I had never been in a situation like this and had no bearing on how to act but we just made sure to tell each other everything  so that there were no hidden resentments and mis-conceptions
I am convinced that these days were a very important reason that we are still extremely close friends
Our futures were uncertain and we agreed to address the issue when and if I returned from Minneapolis
I had no idea where I would go after finishing the recording but I assumed it would be Dallas
After all, if I had an “album” of songs upon my return, I would have no problems finding someone to work with right?
Laura and I managed to deal with the finality of the situation pretty well and we avoided any heavy outbursts but the end of the lease was right aroud the corner
And, of course, there would be the inevitable ordeal of moving out


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