Busking Downtown Dallas 3/14/12

In every new busking situaion, there is one factor you always have to consider
“Will the cops/business owners around this spot have a problem with this?”
I had eliminated this issue by scouting the location and actually asking the police if they allow busking
So, the rest of my anxieties (which turn into excuses not to make an effort) were about semantics
In this one case, the spot was Pegasus Plaza at Main & Akard in Downtown Dallas
My immediate thoughts were that it will be hard to park near that spot and it will be expensive
So, I secured all of the gear to a 2 wheel dolly and used my cymbal bag with backpack straps, drove to the Inwood DART rial station
There was no problem getting on the train and I made it to Akard station in no time
The station was only a street over so the trek was not a problem

Next, was the question of bathroom facilities
Ellum isn’t much a problem because I normally have a friend to watch my rig while I run into a bar in very close proximity
This is a street corner in downtown with no friends to watch my stuff and most places make you buy something to use their bathroom
So, I made sure to hydrate myself as much as possible the night before and made sure I wasn’t going to need to use a bathroom for any reason
Of course, as soon as I set down my gear, I got the little pee pee tinge, but I ignored it

The cops and cortesy patrol people were really nice to me and one guy even offered to watch my stuff while I went to pee but I was already packed up so I just held it until I got home

I didn’t make enough tips to justify all the effort I made but that was the only drawback
The excuses I used in order to talk myself out of having to make an effort proved to be un-neccesary
I am not sure if I am going to try again but I do know that I am going to take the van next time



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