Video/DJ Gig Recap- Voodoo Organist, Fallout lounge 10/29/11

This was, by far, the most ambitious Video/DJ gig I have ever done
I know the layout of the Fallout Lounge very well and had formulated 4 different video displays for the evening
Including the VIDEO CUBE which is a projector aimed into a square booth so that people could sit inside the video
I chose to use mainly the 50’s horror exploitation teasers because they were stark black and white and usually had a lot of text and pictures instead of action
This, combined with the hypnotic swirl video made for a lot of people taking cell phone video of themselves inside the cube which made me very happy

I had a few bumps in the music/DJing department because I was using a playlist instead of the DJ software
That was being used to toggle videos on the main projection screen
I started out with music and switched to music videos when the room started to get a bit full (emphasis on a bit) and mixed in commercials and other Halloween related pop culture vids
I also had a jambox out front playing Halloween Sound Effects CDs

Aside from the glitches with the audio tracks, I think that this was the most perfectly executed Video/DJ gig I have ever done
This is especially gratifying due to the complexity of the entire evening
I also set up the band in the PA which sounded like poop because I had the powered speakers turned too low and had to gain out the vocals to get them up in the mix

People seemed to appreciate my efforts and complimented me on the evening
The only downside is that there were a gazillion events happening that night and the turnout was lower than expected
My mantra of “It won’t be because I didn’t try hard enough” paid off this time and I am extremely satisfied with the results
My confidence level is high and I rode that wave into Halloween night at The Lizard Lounge

Here’s a list of the various material I used for the event

Deadbolt- Voodoo truckers, Watongo, Zulu Death Mask
45 Grave- Surf Bat, Wax, Riboflavin
The Cramps- GooGoo Muck, Beautiful Gardens
Dead Kennedys- Halloween
Foetus- Lust for Death, Satan Place, Water Torture, I hate You All
Marylin Manson- Doll-Dagga Buzz Buzz Ziggety Zag
Ultravox- Mr X
Misfits- Vampira, Halloween II
The Necro Tonz- Skulls, Death Don’t Worry, I Love the Dead
Zacherle- Dinner With Drac
Bob Mc fadden and Dor- I’m a Mummy
Jimmy Cross- I Want my Baby Back

Alice Cooper- Some Folks
Bauhaus- Bela Lugosi’s Dead
Deadbolt- Down in the Lab
The Groovie Goolies- Midnight
Paul Broucek- Hollywood Halloween
KISS- King of the Nighttime World (Paul Lynde Halloween Special)
Lords of the New Church- Dance With Me
Meat Loaf- Bat Out of Hell
Iron maiden- Phantom of the Opera
The Cramps- Human Fly
The Damned- Plan 9 Channel 7
The Misfits- Dig Up Her Bones
Twisted Sister- Burn in Hell
X- Because I do
Zappa- Titties and Beer

Mad Monster Party, Groovie Goolies, The Skeleton Dance, Pigs is Pigs, Porky Pig in Jeeper’s Creepers,A cartoonist’s Nightmare, Hittin’ the trail for Hallelujah Land, Sunday go to meetin’ Time, Various 50’s Horror exploitation performance teasers, The Horror of Hammer trailer compilation, Haxxan, Faust, Der Golem, Phanom of the Opera, Phantom of the Paradise, The Abominable Dr Phibes, The house on bare Mountain, Kiss Me Quick, Rikki Tikki Tavi, The Jungle Book,

Hallowen Commercials- Gary Busey is Scared Priceless, Micro Machines, Toys R Us, Wolworth Wolco, Dracula Texas Instruments Solar Calculator
Elvira’s MTV Halloween Special
Alice Cooper and Iggy Pop Halloween MTV Headbanger’s Ball


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