Final Preparation for Saturday

I don’t think I have ever done this much prep for one single event in my life
Well the PyroPlasticFlow show kicked my ass but this is the most prepared Video/DJ gig.
And it’s the most ambitious
First of all, I have composed a special edit for the Voodoo Organist that he can use for background video for future performances
Next, i have pre-edited a ton of material because I am going to be using four, count ’em, FOUR screens
The main room has a flat screen over the bar where I will be showing the Voodoo Organist edit
The projection screen across from the bar will be music videos and various halloween oriented pop culture videos like commercials, TV specials etc…
The back room will feature a smaller video projector and will be a place where people can get away from the crush and noise of the main room and chill out
Then there will be the Video Cube which is a booth just inside the recessed doorway
When you aim a video projector at it, the people seated in the booth become immersed in video
The video in the Cube will have a lot of stark contrast and movement instead of the usual video because it doesn’t need to be viewed in context
Rathr the shapes and movements are vague and yet partially recongizable
In addition to the music videos, I have an appropriate selection of songs to DJ
I have spent almost 2 weeks preparing both the video and figuring out how to make my random pieces of equipment work together for this performance

I am extremely excited and a bit nervous because I have so much time, effort and emotion invested in this gig
If I pull it off, this could give me the boost of intertia and momentum that I need to become more busy and active


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