Mini-Rockula update and affirmation

Hope this doesn’t come across smug and boastful but…
I have a really good life right now
I live in an incredible 1200 sq ft apartment inside a rehearsal studio complex My cost of living is ridiculously low
I only work 12 hours a week driving around in an air conditioned car listening to my entire music collection and yet make the same amount of money as I did busting my knuckles under a car hood in the sun
I have relaxed my musical sphincter and started to audition for various bands of different styles
This has taught me that I am still going to fail more than succeed.
Not only that but the failures are more like opportunities that I didn’t want to explore any further, which is a lot easier to take and a lot less personal
The concept of one concentrated push of all of my abilities has shown to be in-effetive so I have decided to splinter them into fragments, which will allow me to succeed in small amounts in many different types of ways
Lots of ideas means lots of things to cross off the “To Do” list
Will be getting a vehicle next week and will be cranking up the frequency to compensate
Look for lots of things in October
All of this is having a positive affect on my outward personality and I am finding myself more at ease with other people
Now if you’ll excuse me, I am going to watch wrestling while I warm up for adrumming audition tonight!


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