Check and Check

Two things today to cross off the final check list
Both concerning the vehicle
The oil change was important but the extremely important issue was getting the electrical hookup connected for the trailer
I had pulled the interior paneling off both rear quarter panels in order to find the brake light and turn signal plug for the trailer
The video said it would be in a certain spot but I couldn’t find it for the life of me
I took it to Laura’s brother John’s garage and told him where I thought it was
He poked around for a second and then pointed to a blue cube and said “here it is”
The plug had been in the open but didn’t recognise it because it was encased in tape

This has taken a load off my mind
There are only one or two more things I have to take care of (like painting over where I got a big glob of hair dye on the wall) and the rest is generality stuff like condensing everything for transport
I am confident that the trailer I reserved will be big enough for all of my possessions
William will also be driving down with me which will take down the fatigue factor greatly
No need to worry about getting dangerously tired and speeding just to get it over with

current mood: optimistic


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