PPF Gig Recap 3/16/2011 Ground Zero

This would be the second time that I have played Ground Zero so I was a lot less stressed out about the gig
My last gig was plagued by my biggest obstacle to date
Lack of appropriate space to set up my show
Time isn’t so much of a factor anymore because the new simplified setup
I still have difficulty pulling the performance off if I have to move the setup to a different location
* Change of outlook moment
-I just had an idea that would slightly affect the amount of pieces in my drum rack but greatly increase the flexibility of the rig
This is an opportunity for me to trade a nitpicky focus for a more efficient solution

Back to the gig

I was a bit dissapointed that the catwalk had not been assembled for the show so I had to default to the side of the screen again but at least I had tons of room and time to prepare
Plus, I had Bahb running sound and he knows exactly what to expect from me
My spot was 30 minutes which was cool because I was able to focus on my tightest material and didn’t have to fill a lot of space with longer noise edits

The show started off just fine until I remembered that I forgot to start the video camera, so I kept the loop going and ran to where it was and turned it on
After that, things went pretty smoothly with only the small glitches affecting things like a crackly output jack on my computer and forgetting to switch video sources at the beginning of Tension
The crowd eventually warmed to it, just in time for me to get off stage
I went to the video camera and realized I had turned it on but forgot to press record
Someone from the other band caught some of the show on video so I hope to get at least that footage
I would say that there were at least as many people that came to the last GZ show (and this one didn’t end in microphones being shoved up people’s butts)
In hindisght, I also should have played bits of barrage edits while I was setting up the next piece to keep the silence to a minimum

One of the things that I think is also missing from my show is that I need to interact more with the crowd
The biggest problem is that I have so many things happening on top of setting it all up myself that I simply cannot do anything but perform the material
Once I get other people involved, I think the performance will inmprove greatly
It’s not that people don’t understand what I’m doing
It’s that I am giving it to them in a very basic format right now and it is not very interactive
Once I get some help, I can afford to let go a bit and turn on the old Rockula charm


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