Pleasant Dreams

Anytime I have a dream that involves playing a gig it usually ends up the same way
I am frantically trying to get all of my equipment ready to go and there’s always something missing or I have 5 minutes to assemble a rig that usually takes 30 minutes (if I was well prepared beforehand that is)
I cannot remember ever having a pleasant dream involving a gig
However, I just woke up from the most wonderful dream where I played a gig and it went well
Not only that, but people appreciated my show and it eventually ended with a bunch of us talking about cool stuff after the gig

Is that such an unreasonable dream?
I don’t need the millions of dollars or the sea of fans or even the line of groupies at the backstage door
All I need is to share my art with other people and to have themm appreciate it
It would even be nice if someone looked up to me or saw my efforts as a positive influence on theirs

Usually my dreams end up with me waking up with the depressing realization that things that happen in my dreams dream are no different than my own life (except a little more intense)
It was nice to wake up in a good mood for once


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