400 Bar pt 2 (2nd verse better than the first)

Literally 20 minutes ago, I got up and went down to the basement to get my bass
I was watching a movie and wanted to aimlessly plunk on it
But when I got to the basement, there was no bass
Not only that but I couldn’t find the harp guitar
I searched every room possible in the house
You know that old cliche’ “He suddenly realized in horror”?
I suddenly realized in horror that I had left them both at the last gig I played
At the 400 bar EIGHT days ago
That’s when I freaked out

And to make matters worse

The gig at the 400 didn’t exactly go off on good terms and there were negative things said in public by various participants of the lineup
There was an issue with the soundman but I found him to be cooperative and had no problems with his job (even if there was a lot of fluctuation at a previous gig but so what)
The other issue was how the evening’s schedule was drastically altered but only after the bands failed to sell the requested number of tickets
Although I disagree with them making us start unreasonably early, that was their perogative because we did not produce the numbers required
My issue is that the people that paid for tickets to specifically see me arrived early to see me packing my gear and felt cheated

That being said

All of my worst fears and anxieties were swirling around in my head as I tried very hard not to speed whilst driving to the 400 Bar
My chances of recovering my gear were slim but it made it even worse of a prospect seeing that I had been attatched to a night that not only didn’t deliver but had seen memebers of the lineup speak very negatively
I walked in and spoke to the door person about my situation
She went to the packed bar and told the bartender about me
He then immediately left a packed bar to walk over to the locked closet that he opened to hand me my guitars
I couldn’t believe it
I could accept losing the Fender Bass but I thought The Brock Spock had been lost forever

Thanks 400 Bar


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