PPF gig recap 2/10/2011

I was asked by Oni of Shinto records to play this gig with them at the 400 Bar
The first thing that came to mind is that the venue was not exactly my first choice for the types of bands on this lineup
If you have ever been to the 400 then you know it is a Rawk club plain and simple
The next red flag as when we showed up to get advanced tickets for the event and were told that each act was expected to bring in at least 25 advance sales
I knew right away that I wasn’t going to get those numbers but decided to keep my mouth shut
The final part of the bad experience was when the 400 cut our set times and made me go on at 8:30pm
There’s a lot of things I could talk shit about but suffice it to say that I am none too concerned if the 400 would ever book me again because I cetainly am not interested in playing that room again

As far as the actual performance goes
This was the same set that “intended’ to use at Phoenix Project back in Dec
“Intended” as in, I fixed the problems that caused me to cut my set short last time
The newest addition to the set was “Japanese Toy Edit”
I have concentrated more on the noise/collage more because I feel that the rock material falls flat without another musician
The club forbade people to hang stuff from the ceiling so I rigged up 2 speaker stands to hold up the video screen
Despite the bullshit, I felt good about the performance and chalked it up to another successful attempt in front of an audience under hostile conditions


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