The decade in Review part 18

This is the last part of my Decade in Review mostly because I have been blogging so much this last year that it would seem redundant
-I got a job that helped me to develop some skills that I knew I had but had anxieties in exploring
-I took care of some basic health issues thanks to cheaply run health care
-I rode my bike all over the place and got into decent physical shape
-I got off my ass and started devoting more energy to promoting PyroPlasticFlow

One of the things that I did not forsee was that too many people would read it
Although I have not gotten direct feedback from too many people, I am hearing from my close friends that others are commenting upon my writings
It has always been my intention to use these writings as a form of therapy
As a person who professes to have problems communicating with “the rest of the world”, I believe that the plain language that I use is an invitation for anyone reading to try to identify with me on a basic level
The things that happen to me are nothing new or unique but maybe something I say resonates with someone else like the artists who inspird me
I know it is kinda cliche’ but the entire artistic endeavor is a cliche’
Everyone wants to leave a mark

I would like to thank evey single person who has supported and encouraged me as well as those who tolerated my painful and messy growth over the last 10 years
I have been your very good friend and I have been the guy you wanna see get his
I am going to try to take all of the knowledge and experience I have collected from the past ten years and apply it to the future
Here’s to hoping that I see you in the 21st century


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