New vids from the big Ground Zero show

I had Ether take my 2nd camera and shoot some extra footage at the GZ show back in August
The mic is broken on that camera and I had the digital up on the stairs where the sound and view are great
Then I left the footage for a while because I figured it would be good for a compilation/promo type situation
The main camera caught a decent audio track so I fiddled and EQ’ed it and re-applied it to the main vid cam shot
Just for the hell of it, I tried applying the audio to the 2nd camera to see how long it would synch before the video changed
What I didn’t know was that Ether had let the camera roll for the entire time
This meant that the new improved audio track synched up perfectly!

What I ended up with was a very good set of performances
Ether’s camera work was very intuitive and even set up some great fade in/out points
I look good with a Flying V


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