No one like me?

My therapist just told me that she has never met anyone like me
Should I find that troubling?
I assumed that there were tons of people like me but our thick outer shells made it hard to discern who was who
I am fighting the urge to let this statement re-enforce my egocentric view of the world
In an attempt to cushion the blow of alienation, I (like many alienated people) have been telling myself that my unique view of the world is what causes me to percieve reality so differently from so many
I need to vigilant so that I don’t allow myself to use it as an excuse to hold up in the apt. and not work

Herin lies my other conundrum
The constant tugging of the opposite forces of ego/confidence v.s. anxiety/self loathing causes me to question every decision I make
I have to aknowledge that most of my successes have been when I got off my ass and took it instead of waiting for someone else to hand it to me

It would be nice to get some kind of comprehensie testing that would identify the mechanics of my emaotional/mental deficiencies
Unfortunately, those services are not included in my cheap ass health care so i am going to have to figure it out on my own


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