self congratulatory post 10/2010

Here’s what’s crossed off the to do list lately
-Sell The Van
I bought my Chevy Lumina van from Roy back in 2006
Thanks to Roy allowing me access to his tools, I kep that thing alive on the cheap for almost 5 years
It has carried me back and forth between Dallas and Minneapolis (loaded to the top many times)
Trying to sell it with the mileage it had was tough but having broken door handles made it even tougher
It seems that every time I had someone interested in it, something happened to keep it from getting sold
A garage down the street finally bought it off me for a low but fair price
I originally paid $1500 for that van and got my money’s worth

-Print T-Shirts
I wanted to have shirts for the GZ show but the design just didn’t come through in time
I decided to print them up anyways and have sold a coulple so far

-Halloween episode of Countrockula’s Theater for the Insane!
I really wanted to get a show off to coencide with the video gigs I am doing for the Haloween season
I am doing 4 in total
The first one was last night at the Saloon and I had a great time
There was a decent amount of attendance
I will be doing 20’s abstract German Horror on Thursday night at Chamber Zombies Friday at Ground Zero
The next night at GZ will be a “best of”
The show fell fairly quickly into place once I got to it

I will be concentrating on several venues for live performances in the future and hope to put on another large production at GZ


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