anxiety over my “famous” friends

A musician who is one of my all time favorite bands recently came through Mpls
I have not spoken to him in decades but he didn’t seem to mind and invited me to come out to his show
Obviously, it was good to catch up with him but I also had an alterior motive which was to get him to pass my material on to his independant label
I half jokingly explained to him that I could be bought for a 200 day tour and a Subway sandwich a day
Not only that but I was ready to trim some of my equipment fat and put the rest in storage
That way I can put my downsized stage rig and a duffle bag full of clothes in my wagon and head to whatever town is gonna work out

I had a bit of anxiety attack when I told him that one of his songs in particular paralelled some of the weaknesses I felt when I wanted to die
It was a bit much and I felt like I had to get out of there
He told me that it was good to see me and that he wanted to hear from me
I hope he realized what he has gotten himself into

This is an example of a positive direction in my ongoing effort to sieze opportunities and stop putting so many conditions on my expectations of other people
I was worried over nothing and may have made an important connection
Plus, I have one more person I look up to that I can call a friend


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