The Decade in Review part 17

I was still stinging from the un-welcome I got from the noise douches but I persevered and started posting musician’s wanted ads on Craigslist (which is about as effective as trying to get laid on CL)
I got a message from a guy who said that he liked my material and asked if I would consider a producer
HELL YES I would
After the initial meeting, he told me all the things I wanted to hear
-You have a unique vision that I want to present to the world
-I can help you get contacts and tours etc…. but it won’t be the millionaire rock star trip
-We will record and re-arrange your material so that it is more accesable
I assured him that I was 100% up for it

We had several meetings and explored the ways we would accomplish these things
I left each time with a head full of expectations and a positive attitude
That is, until the rubber met the road
We were doing our first recording session and were trying to find guitar tones
He had just gotten a new recording system and was endlessly fucking around with plug-ins and programs trying to find the tone
Meanwhile, I was growing impatient so I started trying to dial it in on a small modeling amp
My excitement and enthusiasm for getting things done quick was evidently not the way this laid back guy approached things
By the end of the night, he had a strained expression on his face and said “I don’t think this is going to work out”
Are you fucking kidding me?
You filled my head with all of this bullshit and now you’re gonna puss out on me because I have an intense way of working?
It’ not like I was ranting and stomping and throwing a tantrum
I just didn’t wanna wait 2 hours for the guy to jerk off with his new toy just so we could find ONE guitar tone so I was being proactive
I should have figured that out after listening to his own wimpy new age easily digestible music that he had no concept about what it takes to make truly compelling experimental music

This was a huge punch in the gut for me and re-instilled the idea of giving up
Meanwhile, I had moved from Diane’s to Marko’s and had noticed that I was getting very itchy all over
I chalked it up to living in the basement and the cats in the house
What do I do when my skin is itching?
Of course, I jump in a boiling hot shower which replaces the itching with burning
I was scratching myself raw and bloody and couldn’t figure what was going on
After showing my arms to the pharmacist at the drug store I was told that I had poison ivy
As far as I can deduct, I must have gotten it from the dog and cat at Diane’s
The cat would hide from the dog underneath the deck and both would regularly tussle down there
I must have petted both animals and then scratched myself
The whelts and splotches had spread all over my entire body including another part of me that I can’t keep my hands off of
I can laugh about it now but you can imagine how horrifying it was to look down at THAT and seeing layers of skin flaking off
Luckily, I wasn’t getting any physical contact with anyone at the time
I’m sure no one would believe “Oh yeah, that’s just poison ivy”
Thank god I didn’t get it in my eyes
The pharmacist reccomended the correct ointments and I even started using that man-moisurizing lotion that smells like underarm deodorant

This was also a period when William and Billy had been growing impatient with Jendeen’s inabilty to commit to Autonomy
I was pretty surprised when they asked me to re-join the band
I was hesitant at first but figured that it would be a new opportunity to flex my underdeveloped compromise muscles
Anotther new development was that I had to find a new place to live because Marko and jen needed to move a friend of theirs into the house that would take care of the kid
My job at Orchestra hall was working out just fine and I had the money to find a room for rent


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