1st signs of momentum

By some miracle, there is a stray internet signal that I have been able to catch so I am gobbling it up as much as I can while I can
Forcing myself to get out of the house and take care of my “jobs”
Posted an ad for the Van

After that, I took the bike over to Minnehaha Falls park to ride the trail
The usual plan is to ride over there, go at least to the other end of the trail and head back
However, I knew I wouldn’t be able to make it over there so I took the wagon
Once again, I get to deal with the anger I have over the hit and run because I cannot even put my bike in the gate
I have to tie it to the top
This makes me dwell on negative shit and I don’t like how I get constantly reminded of how this guy showed absolute disreagrd for my life or my posessions

It seems that more than one person has shown disregard for me lately
I have been doing my best to diffuse the resentment I feel towards these people
The problem is that I have just had an entire week where all I had to do was sit in a dark room trying to wait out a seemingly endless flu
Pneumonia was one thing because it’s supposed to kick your ass
By definition, once something has turned into pneumonia, then you are screwed
The flu has always been a minor inconvenince to me
Something to be ridden out for a couple of days with a few jugs of OJ and your video collection
This was different
It hit me very deep and I have to admit that I was starting to get a bit scared
Because when Friday rolled around and I had recognized the flu exactly a week before
And I was still sick
The bike ride today was very encouraging because I did push myself a bit and felt OK

On the artistic side, I have started to edit clips for the Halloween episode of Theater for the Insane
Craig has asked me to do video for Ground Zero’s Halloween event and I am still trying to scare up a PPF gig

Now back to the monster in the basement
I need to put the finishing touches on the touring kit
Hope to post a vid soon


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