The Rockula Update 9/11/2010

I have to write this from the library because my internet at home has been taken away
This is alright because the library is very close to the house and I need to quit rotting on the internet but I sometimes need info in real time
Guess my list writing skills will have to develop further so that I may use my time more efficiantly when I am here

The big news is that I am not officially sick anymore, although that doesn’t mean my allergies have stopped
My muscles are still a bit weak and sore so I will try an exploratory bike ride soon
The constant sneezing and wiping and sleeping with my mouth completely open has also made my lips real dry and chapped
So much that they are bleeding, which makes me wanna hide from the world for an even longer period of time

Speaking of sleeping with my mouth open, I have woken up choking one too many times and am going to have to admit that I have sleep apnea
Add that to the list of things I am going to have to use my lovely SOCIALIST Minnesota Care health insurance to correct
I have also found out that I can go to a chiropractor (yeah bone crackin’!)
Monday is my last cavity filling session (I hope) at the dentist
Now it is time to get on with the cleaning

My smug confidence has proven to be correct in that I have gotten hired with the new company that runs the phone center at Orchestra Hall
That was the easiest job interview ever
Evidently, people from actual Orchstra staff have been asking the new guys if I was going to return
I look forward to dominating this phone center as well (ARRRRRRR!!!!!! *flex *flex)

The oly thing left to do now is figure out what is the next musical direction I should take
PyroPlasticFlow is in real good shape after the 85% victory of the last show
I have a reliable, fuel efficient touring vehicle and plan on a “self paid vacation” down to Dallas and back
The next few months will be spent saving up for time off and getting contacts for the trip
My other direction will be the novelty band
I still wanna do Tiki Torture but there are tons of variances that I can morph the idea into and would be happy with pretty much anything as long as it was working

Not sure when I will get steady internet access but i will take lots of trips to the library


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