PPF gig recap 8-27-2010 (GZ)

As most of you know, the gig I set up at Ground Zero was pretty much the most important gig of my life leading up to now
I had always wanted to play a large stage with a large video projector and I got my wish

I had done months of prep for the show
I had to re-edit the music when I had a guitarist lined up for the show and he didn’t work out, then I changed things a bit at the last minute becuase of technical issues
The prep was good for most but there were things I forgot to change at the last minute
This resuled in some missteps that were noticed only by me
Not only did I have my show planned out but the entire evening as well

I got though most of the set pretty well except for a few blunders
-My guitar was out of tune for HK Action
-I had panned some tracks for Chaka Chaka the wrong way and freaked out when I couldn’t hear them (I watched the tape and it was fine)
-I accidentally cued up the multi-track recording of “Space rock” instead of the file “Space Sounds” and sent a deafening spike through the PA
Other than that, it was sloppy and my transitions were not smooth and quick
That’s OK because you don’t become a good boxer without getting punched in the face (a lot)
The more gigs I do in front of people with the pressure on, the better the show will develop
It would also be nice if I was to get a 2nd person on board

Uzza came on last and did a great job

This was the good part about the gig
The bad part was that another act on the bill was given certain guidelines for their stage show
They chose to ignore those guidelines and put both me and the venue in danger
This completely ruined the evening for me
Instead of running around and thanking people and getting told how good the show was, I was cleaning up the trashed backstage area and trying to put out the situational fire that had just happened on stage
I was fighting the urge to vomit because I was so upset
The next day, my ribs and stomach were sore from the stress and I had a huge headache all day
Not only that, but I had a falling out with one of my friends who had blatantly disrespected me

All in all, I have to chalk it up as a very positive situation because the club assured me that my standing with them had not been affected (especially since I did all the damage control and cleanup myself)
I pulled off the show as I intended and am beginning to enjoy the aftermath as the sting of the bad parts wear off
It sucks that I lost a couple of friends as well as a really good possible contact
There will always be a bitter aftertaste in my mouth from this gig but I can say that it was a 70% to 80% success which is good
There was a decent turnout despite the million and a half things going on that night and everybody got paid (even the people who fucked me are getting paid)
I just got an offer from someone to play Sept 30th and I now have everything (including a new video projector) I need to put on this show anywhere I please

Now that I have almost all of September with a ton of time on my hands, I can start to set more short/mid-term goals
I know you all wanna hear the juicy gossippy details of the bad things that happened that night but I will have to decline writing about it at this time
I’m sure an entire post will be dedicated to the story some time down the line
I will be happy to tell anyone in person just what happened
However, I am not going to be petty about this and start talking shit all over the internet about these persons involved
I am still waiting to give some people their money and have not heard anyone else’s side of the story

Thanks go out to Marko, Mike, Felecia, Craig, Skaht, Chuck, UZZA, James Tapweworm (as well as an apology for screwing up his set with my over-reacting)and most of all, Bahb for being so flexible with my incredibly convoluted performance
And thank you for coming out (if you came out)

I leanred a lot and will use this knowledge to make the show better
See you at the next one


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