if my therapist says so then it must be true

Went to the threapist yesterday and spent the entire time going over the advancements I made lately
First of all, I wanted to make sure that she knew that I wanted brutal honesty from her and told her I needed feedback way more than coddling or assurance
After hearing all about the advances I have made in my personal as well as buisness and artistic life, she assured me that I am allowed to feel a huge sense of accomplishment
She told me that it is rare for someone to be so aggressive about solving their problems and that I should be proud of my hard work
Even more, I was not allowed to tsabotage those positive advancements with the paranoia that it will all be taken away from me at a moment’s notice

What have I noticed about my failings from this angle?
It is all on the back end
I can sit for hours working on my various projects or praticing but I wouldn’t spend 5 minutes on booking or promotion
Even though I may encounter a glitch or setback in my art, it never says no to me
If anything, I have to realize that you can only go so far with your diabolical plans down in the lab
If you’re going to conquer the world with your army of atomic supermen
You need to actually get out in the world and do it

I find myself smiling to myself more and more
Part of it is to push the anxiety down
But mostly it is because I have finally gotten the emotional blockage to give way
My therapist says I don’t need to see her for a while
I told her about my wide open September and she thought it would be a good idea to use it as a point of assesment as well

Now that I have started down the road to correcting my bad habits, the next “project” is to identify the sources of all this negative behavior so I can neutralize it’s effects on my every day life


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