it’s like you’re trying to unravel a cable knit sweater that someone keeps knitting ang knitting and…..

Final adjustments for the performance now
-loading vids into the proper folders and in sequence
-adjusting sound levels
-playing along with them on the drums to see if there are any un-expected glitches or mis-aligned samples
-figuring out what gets run through my board and what gets sent to a direct box

Every time I do a run through, something pops up that is a problem, as soon as it gets fixed, other things happen as a result of the actions I have just taken to fix the first problem
It is getting a bit taxing on me and I am discouraged
I was thinking of going out to GZ tonight but I cannot allow myself any social time until everything is fixed
It would have been a good opportunity to flyer but I am also running out of steam in that department

Let’s hope I get everything running smoothly for the final live run through at Marko’s house on sunday
If I adjust my levels correctly, I shouldn’t have to touch any levels except headphone volume


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