adjustments to the GZ performance

I have been trying to work a guitar player into the band for this performance for the last month or so and the guy looked promising at first but he showed pretty much no enthusiasm
If you have been reading my blogs lately, then you know I have been re-cutting all of the loops and sample for the live show
This is because I had made my decision to let him go but I could not tell him in person until yesterday
Luckily, he was of the same opinion and we parted ways amicably

I just finished all of the backing loops for the live show
All I need now is for Marko to put the adjustment on the levels and the EQ so that the PA will need the least abount of adjustment
My deaf ass is terrible at mixing, plus, what I like in a mix doesn’t always produce the best result out front

One of the biggest advancements to the show is that I have been able to take the files that I am looping and construct them with the movie maker program so that the video has an length that is approximate to the length of the loop that is playing
If I keep my timing just right, the video will appear to be triggered at the same time as the loops

The whole show has been streamlined a bit more and is not as bulky
I am still using the Vocal 300 as well as the SPDS but I have pulled the Boss BR 864 8 track out of the lineup and have loaded all of those loops onto the computer
I will be manipulating the audio from Space Rock, Ru High?, and Chaka chaka as well as the extraneous sounds from Tension and American Zombie on the Krystal multi-track software
I put extra long cables on the Kaoss pad so that I can move around with it
Maybe I will even grab an audience member to play with the Kaoss

I am very glad that I can now manufacture my own videos that will work in the video feature of Virtual DJ
All I have to do is load the video for each song along with the spinning PPF hypno-logo and mix between them This will afford me more esoteric timing over the material
I have given myself certain bits of timed video that I start when the appropriate audio cue occurs
God help us all the day I get a real video/audio sampler

All of this has been a lot of work with only 2 weeks left before the show
I can’t say that I am not nervous
I can say that I am more prepared for this gig than any other in my life
The new adjustments are more predictable and easier to manipulate so I don’t have to worry about as many chaos factors
Plus, the show is going to be a lot more cohesive out front

Even if I make my usual mistakes during this gig, I have built enough redundancy into my performance that no one will notice
I have physically played this material a million times in the studio and on stage so I should be just fine

Now, off to the basement to practice the new electronic parts of the set
It is 12:45 am and I can’t even play the electronic drums so I will have to be content with the headphone stuff
I have been listening to the ventures Live in Japan


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