deleting my issues one fragment at a time

The douche has not barrage texted me in about a week and I think he might be done
I did not erase any of them and the total so far is 248
I did keep them but it filled my phone up so much that I was having to delete my sent and recieved texts as they happened

I had held onto those texts because I was still making up my mind if I wanted to pursue it further
After several interactions with the suspect douche (once again, he neither denied or confirmed so I can’t say for sure) I am convinced that it would be futile to try to report it
not only would it be incredibly difficult to prove, it is also something that hurts my actual life very little
Of course there’s the whole “I can’t let some douche get away with offending me” but I was fortunate to be able to assess that it is my ego that is holding on to this, while my less-excercised part says “Look at all the opportunities in front of you” in other words, quit obsessing over something that you can’t do anything about at the present

So, I decided to use it as an opportunity to practice for future inconveniences to my life
I didn’t wanna cpmpletely let go of the “evidence” so I went through every text and erased them one by one
I made sure to keep a copy of each of the phrases that was sent as an example of the language but there is a permanent record in my phone bill
I wrote down when each barrage occurred and realized that each one contained 35 texts

After I was done, I connected my own dots and came to the conclusiuon that I was putting the matter to rest in my own head and doing it one fragment at a time
I still have an account of what happened in case I actually do wanna use it as evidence
However, I find myself becoming less and less interested in it

My text messages read “7” right now instead of 248
Yes, there are still those 7 on my phone but it is better to have an anger/resentment level of 7 than 248


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