rockula observation #23

The issue of the whole “making lists” technique of self improvement boils down to one point
You use the list to separate your job from your time off
The mechanical shit you have to do to keep life moving is your job
It’s not just going to work and getting paid, but your job is also to pay your bills, scheduling Dr’s appointments, making sure your oil gets changed etc…

Your “time off” can be leisure or it can be work
I personally had a fucking blast making my TV show
It was a ton of work but it was the process as much as the praise at the result that mattered
PyroplasticFlow has become a very quickly accelerating situation artistically and is taking a ton of concentration
However, this is all stuff I would glady do
Most important of all, I have learned the value of working for the sake of moving forward

It is no longer good enough to brood about how great I am and that no one else gets it
It is more than my job
It is my career
Just like the daytime commercial says “It’s time to get off the couch and have the career you always dreamed about!!!!!!!”

Amazing how someone who claims to have such amazing perceptions of the world took 20 years to recognoze such a simple fact


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